vision & values


A company of opportunity inspired by a shared passion for excellence, luxury and sophisticated style.


Provide products with visible, intrinsic value through an enduring commitment to style, quality, and service; create opportunities for personal and professional growth and income; achieve recognition as the premier direct sales and marketing company of luxury products. (1991/2007)



Worth was founded in 1991 based on a firm belief in the pursuit of excellence and excellence serves as the guiding principle for our future.


Trust is a function of both character and competency. Simply put, trust instills confidence. The ability to establish, grow, extend and restore trust with customers, sales associates, management team, business partners, suppliers and employees is imperative in the Worth culture.


Integrity for Worth means honesty; telling the truth and leaving the right impression. Integrity and honesty are the foundation of trust. People at Worth are expected to make and keep commitments, demonstrate courage, stand for and act according to what is right.


Worth aspires to be an organization that cares about people, provides fairness and respect, and demonstrates dignity and consideration of others.


Worth believes in providing opportunities for personal growth in addition to business growth. Trust is the foundation of cooperation and personal growth.


Women of Worth are passionate about this company and their business. The same is true for women who are Worth leaders. The passion and enjoyment, drive and dedication that leaders exude stimulate their team. We are at our best when we are filled with passion, energy, eagerness and love for what we do.


Worth is a company of women who relate to and care about one another on every level – personal and professional.


Quality is the inherent ingredient of Worth. We look for quality in our people and our product and will accept nothing but the best.


Worth aspires for all leaders to find the best way, not in having their way. As leaders we are sincerely committed to what is right rather than who is right. Our strongest leaders share credit and accept responsibility.


Women of Worth are entrepreneurs. Their opportunity to earn is limited only by the time and energy they put into growing their businesses.


Selling clothes is fun! Sharing laughter and tears with our Worth family gives us memorable stories to pass down to future generations.


Worth values loyalty. Loyalty will not be gained unless first given. Loyalty starts first with loyalty to oneself – one's personal standards and values. Loyalty to our organization comes next.


Balance is important in all aspects of life. It is crucial in everything we do. Our body, mind, emotions and roles must be in balance. Worth supports and encourages this belief.


Respect for the individual and members of the group are important leadership traits at Worth. Our goal is to respect one another and value each others differences. Leaders earn respect by giving respect. This means respect for everyone associated with Worth.


Win/Win is a frame of mind and heart that constantly seeks mutual benefit in all human interactions. Worth will seek to create a Win/Win environment that finds a better way based on cooperation.