Women Who Inspire

Meet Vani Krishnamurthy

Coco Gallery was founded as a way for Vani Krishnamurthy to use her creative and non-profit background to bring art to new audience, but also to bring new audiences to art. Coco Gallery gives artists the opportunity to create something specifically for their client. Vani is constantly asking herself and others. #whatwouldicoco?
WHY DID YOU START COCO GALLERY? I come from a nonprofit arts background, and I’m also a professional dancer. I wanted to build something that supported artists’ careers- that not only exposes busy artists to new audiences but also the other way around.
THE MOST REWARDING THING ABOUT STARTING A BUSINESS? To know I am contributing something to the world that comes from a part of myself that is creative. I’m motivated to give the best that I possibly can.
ADVICE FOR WOMEN WHO ARE INTERESTED IN MAKING A BIG CAREER CHANGE? Manage your risks. I’d love to say jump in, but changes have consequences- weigh them all and figure out a way to support the most unpredictable aspects of it.
WHO INSPIRES YOU? My kids. They are constantly tapping into their creativity and come up with the most amazing things without inhibiting themselves. They make me remember just how much we all have inside of us.

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