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Meet Maya Nussbaum

Maya, Founder and Executive Director of Girls Write Now, strives to give young girls a voice through the power of writing and mentoring at her nonprofit Girls Write Now. Founded during her senior year at Columbia University, Maya has grown Girls Write Now over the last two decades from a loose association of women writers into a dynamic community, distinguished by the President’s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities. Read more about Maya and the work Girls Write Now is doing.
WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO START GIRLS WRITE NOW? When Girls Write Now got off the ground, I was not much older than the girls we serve and, like them, struggling to find my voice. Girls Write Now mentors young women to share their stories through writing and community. (This community has) the power to bridge racial, generational, and economic divides.
WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE TO WOMEN SEARCHING FOR A MENTOR? Ask: your school, your company, the role model you look up to. You might be surprised by the programs and people who want to support you.
HOW HAS YOUR LIFE CHANGED SINCE FOUNDING GIRLS WRITE NOW? I’ve grown up as I’ve grown the organization.
WHAT DOES FEMALE EMPOWERMENT MEAN TO YOU? Female empowerment means having: a voice, a platform to share your story, and a community behind you.

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