Women Who Inspire

Meet Alice Quaresma

In her art, Alice experiments with materials that allow her photographs to be sensorial, pushing the boundaries of the medium as a flat surface. Originally from Brazil, Alice uses her art to elaborate on the ideas of displacement and identity. Read more about how art impacts her fashion choices!
WHY DID YOU CHOOSE A CAREER IN THE ARTS? I knew I wanted to be an artist when I saw a Cy Twombly painting for the first time at the Tate Modern Museum when I was twelve years old. I chose to be an artist to inspire people and allow people to escape reality for a moment.
WHAT IS THE MOST REWARDING PART ABOUT WORKING FOR YOURSELF? Being able to express myself through my work, having encounters with other creative minds, and being able to inspire people.
HOW DID YOU OVERCOME PEOPLE WHO DISCOURAGED YOU FROM BEING AN ARTIST? With work and more work. Also, always telling myself that results don't come over night. It takes time,work,experience,and patience
WHO INSPIRES YOU? I get inspired by people that don't give up on accomplishing their goals! I also get inspired by people that believe and work for a better world.