A little about me

Where to begin? I’ve always loved clothes and fashion so styling is a natural fit. I’ve been at Worth for about 15 years and each year it gets better—I love all the new people I get to meet and working alongside a great group of women is incredibly inspiring. There’s also nothing like hearing from a customer that a look we put together garnered a lot of compliments.
This is a hard one…I grew up in New England so I really appreciate style that’s classic and simple, like a great pair of blue jeans paired with a white tee shirt. But since I lived in Colorado and Seattle for a number of years, I like to mix things up a bit—layering in a funky piece of jewelry or adding color in the form of a great scarf or shoes. I try not to over-think anything though, because at the end of the day, everything needs to be comfortable.
It depends on what day it is! A lot of time I’m training and recruiting new stylists in my Director of Business Development role. Aside from that I can be found driving my two boys to various sporting events and volunteering at their schools. In the summer, any free time I get, I head to the beach; and in the winter, it’s about skiing with family and friends. I’m also a foodie at heart so I’m constantly on the lookout for great new recipes to try.