A little about me

I love the challenge to create the perfect outfits to meet my clients needs, life styles and budgets. With Worth New York and W by Worth in-depth lines (from jeans to formal and anything in between) at my disposal I am confident that I can tailor each outfit to make my clients look and feel their best with a versatile, exciting yet compact wardrobe. No time to Shop? No where to Shop? No Inclination to Shop? Allow me to take care of that part of your life: Less Clothes, More Outfits. I Take the Guessing out of Dressing.
I feel better in simple and straight lines. "Popping" neutrals with prints and colours match my mood to my outfits. Stepping into the wilder side of classic makes me feel a little bit sassy! Adding a "fun" touch can turn a bad day into a happy one. I also believe that wearing appropriate clothes for each occasion is very important. I will not put on the same outfits when I am gardening than when I go to the Opera! Let me help you find your personal style!
Pretty "outdoorsy". I love hiking, swimming, gardening, and all kinds of sports. I am also a dog trainer (to keep my life in balance) helping owners with their fur-kids issues. Theater, opera, museum, movies, books and visiting historical sites are passions as well. Until 4 years ago I was owning and caring for my last 2 horses which were an integral part of my life.