Behind Our Collection

We might make style look easy – but that’s part of our charm. Every one of the 800+ W by Worth pieces we design every year takes nine meticulous months to create from first sketch to final stitch.


It all begins as a brilliant medley of color, texture and inspiration on our design team’s moodboard drawn from art, culture, architecture and anything else that informs their vision for the collection. They take trips down memory lane to eras filled with game-changing heroines and give them a twist for the woman of now. They seek inspiration from fashion shows around the world, taking what’s trending and elevating it for the W by Worth woman. From here, our designers create the concept for the season, driven by the colors that will define it, and sketch the designs that will bring it to life.


Minimal neutrals to bold saturation, nailing an effortlessly perfect palette means finding just the right fabric. Lucky for us, the W by Worth design team has thousands of textiles hailing from some of the industry’s best mills to choose from. And the ones they can’t find, they design themselves. In collaboration with artist-in-residence John Yan, they paint, sketch and engineer custom prints for nearly every collection.


It takes rounds of tinkering and tailoring to craft that perfect cut. After months of patterning, refinement and wear testing, each garment is meticulously designed to look just as great on every client as it does on the runway. Every member of our design team has an eagle eye for details – it’s what elevates every piece.


And finally, perfected, produced and painstakingly inspected, each gorgeous garment finds its way to your Stylist. And – if it’s lucky – to your closet to inspire style for seasons to come.