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W by Worth offers one-of-a-kind personal shopping experiences through an unparalleled network of women. We carefully curate a wardrobe to fit your tastes, your figure and your lifestyle for a relationship that gets better, season after season.

W by Worth is a unique platform that gives entrepreneurial women the opportunity to succeed in the fashion business with unlimited potential. We live to empower exceptional women.

Operating in our Stylists' homes, we have reinvented personal shopping for a style experience unlike any other. Our collections are designed in New York City using the finest fabrics.

We strive to improve the lives of all women through our philanthropic program, Every Woman Has Worth, which gives back to the causes closest to our Stylists' and consumers’ hearts.




Independent to her core, Caroline Davis’ career began in 1967 with a vacuum cleaner, but not just any vacuum cleaner. She wanted a “luxury” brand. When her husband suggested that particular brand was unnecessarily extravagant, Caroline decided that never again would she lack money of her own, to spend as she pleased. Learning of an opportunity in luxury direct sales of women’s clothes, she quickly moved from local representative to a management position, and in 1980 founded her first company, The Carlisle Collection. Ten years later and out of Carlisle, Caroline was approached by Richard Kaplan who wanted to learn about luxury direct selling. After extensive conversations, Caroline, along with Richard and Jay Rosenberg, founded Worth New York in 1991. The managerial brains behind the business, Caroline believes in direct selling as a way to empower entrepreneurial women by giving them the advantages of a solid corporate entity coupled with opportunities to make significant income and forge relationships with women like themselves. “Some years ago, Jill Ker Conway, the first female President of Smith College, made a statement that encapsulates my personal and business philosophy,” Caroline says. “A strong group of women peers is the most powerful thing a woman can have.” Nearly three decades later, Caroline and her team of “women peers” have built Worth New York Stylists into one of the most powerful groups of women in the Country – 1,200 women strong. “Over the years, thousands of women have benefitted from working with Worth,” Caroline estimates. “We are a ‘Community of Women’ like no other.”


A native New Yorker whose family manufactured pieces for Manhattan’s finest stores, making beautiful clothes was in Richard Kaplan’s blood. When he co-founded Worth New York in 1991, Richard had been in the fashion industry for 25 years. He held a seat on the Parsons School of Design Board of Directors and an MBA from Harvard Business School. But Richard’s biggest contribution to Worth was neither his business nor his fashion acumen. It was his ability to inspire. Richard is remembered best for his nurturing nature, his rallying speeches, the ease with which he made everyone feel special. “Richard would find the best of everyone and encourage it,” says co-founder Jay Rosenberg. “He was so passionate about [Worth] and loved anyone who had or could have the potential to be part of it. I don’t know if we would have the business today if it weren’t for him.” Richard knew that Worth New York Stylists were the company’s greatest asset, so he embedded in Worth a familial culture of collaboration and kindness that made Stylists fall in love with the company long after they fell in like with its gorgeous clothes. Richard died prematurely in 1996, but the ethos he established for Worth New York lives on in the powerful relationships that make us who we are to this day.


An artist by trade, Jay Rosenberg started his career painting fabric for some of New York’s largest textile houses. Eventually, Jay founded his own company, Printmaker, through which he lead the manufacturing of fine fabrics for a wide range of fashion brands. In 1991, Jay joined the Worth founding team to ensure every piece of every collection was made beautifully. “This consumer can buy whatever she wants,” Jay says. “Our clothes have to be impeccable in every detail.” And impeccable they are. But Jay’s magic is that he goes beyond making the clothes perfect – he makes the clothes perfect for the consumer. Jay understands the Worth woman’s lifestyle, how she approaches her wardrobe and how she wants to feel in her clothes. He makes a point to learn about every woman who sells the collection, and knows every Stylist by name. Many clients, too. Under Jay’s leadership, Worth New York has produced over fifty collections of clothing, the excellence of which is evidenced by the thousands of women across the country who could buy anything they want, and still choose Worth. For Jay, it’s these women that help make Worth wonderful. “To me, business is about a great team of people, and that’s what Worth has always been,” Jay says. “It’s is a very unique and special thing.”

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NYC Showroom


We are proud to introduce our new showroom in New York in the iconic Crown Building at 730 Fifth Avenue. Our NYC flagship location combines a soaring space and artful details with the ultimate highly personalized shopping experience. It has famously been stated that "…those who will not shop on Fifth Avenue and 57th Street will not shop anywhere,” and we could not agree more! We are excited to welcome you to our new home. Make your appointment to visit today.



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